Xylo Eyewear: Handcrafted wooden sunglasses craving for the sun

Text: Kelly Desypri


It was a great day, the 15th of June. An exceptionally great day for Periklis Therrios and Eleni Vacondiou, the duo behind the Xylo eyewear initiative, as their crowdfunding campain on indiegogo ended bringing them funds 60% higher than their primary goals! Approximately 200 people helped raise the money needed to jump start the manufacturing of a collection of wooden sunglasses and 150 of those received the first pieces of the collection as a contribution perk.

Xylo is the greek word for “wood” and -as the creative duo knows very well- is a living, breathing material. In their own words “We wanted to live with the material, we wanted to hear the story from its side, by working with it. Thus, we explored wood’s behaviour by starting with small handcrafted artefacts and simple constructions. That is how we spent two and a half years of creative activity.” The result of which was a much needed accessory in the Meditteranean area, especially during these warm sunny months.

The first collection is comprised from four models in 16 different wood combinations, that showcase the good technique, attention to detail, care for the material and the final outcome. The designs, names, materials and logo of Xylo Eyewear is a reflection of the Meditteranean sea in all its glory, unifying civilisations under the blazing sun.

The Sand model from zebrawood and maple wood is my personal favorite so far, which one is yours?