The Talented Jean-Louis Scherrer

The French designer Jean-Louis Scherrer died on Thursday June 20 in Paris, after a long illness, leaving behind him a great heritage in the world of fashion.


Text: Maria Ioanna Dagari



78 years old, Jean-Louis Scherrer’s first dream was to become a dancer. Unfortunately for him, after a bad fall that dream of his couldn’t be realized but this led him to a successful career in fashion. After graduating from the school of the Fédération Française de la Couture in 1956, he worked for the mythical Christian Dior as a stylist. After the creator of the New Look died, Scherrer continued working for the house, this time for Yves Saint Laurent. It wasn’t long before opening his own label in Paris. In 1971 a second store followed and the brand’s collections were officially named as haute couture garments. Jackie Kennedy was only one of the many famous and stylish women that loved his eccentric designs.



Except for the main collections, Jean-Louis Scherrer has also launched a fragrance and accessories line and a fur collection, marking great success. Scherrer left the house in 1992 and 16 years later, in 2008, it finally closed, leaving an optical lens and sunglasses line still available.

Finally, in June of 2013 the designer’s death was announced, making the whole fashion community mourn. Jean-Louis Scherrer has marked the era of luxurious haute couture clothing in Paris and has passed on a cultural legacy that will last through the years.

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