Sarah’s Bags

Humor meets culture and combine unique handmade bags

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou


Sarah Beydoun is a modern and educated woman who lives in Beirut. Her love for fashion and sensitivity on social matters are being translated into unique bags. Humor, Lebanese pop culture and art help transform the bags into small accessories. Arabic calligraphy, punk-rock elements, and great trimmings have made them wall-know around the world.

Sarah Beydoun was born and raised in Beirut, and belongs to a generation of Lebanese designers who came to age during the country’s seventeen year civil war and are now rebuilding their country’s cultural life through their work in fashion, design and art. This consciousness is a great part of her work. She works out of an atelier on the second floor of a grand old building in Gemmayzeh, a neighbourhood just east of downtownBeirutthat is now best known for its nightlife. A proliferation of bars and cafes has been spreading up and down the area’s narrow streets, but Beydoun’s atelier represents the crucial counter-trend.

 You can find Sarah’s Bags here