Photographer Calliope as guest speaker

Oh yes its true, everyone we worship, admire and want to meet, comes as a guest at FWBVK. Just like that. Yesterday’s guest speaker was the great photographer and a person Greeks should feel proud of, Calliope.

Charming enough, Calliope was friendly and casual just as all important fashion contributors are. As a kid, she used to dress up her girlfriends and shooting them, a gene she took from her father who used to travel around the world taking pictures.

“I constantly think creatively: when I’m awake, when I’m sleeping. It never ends”

Since the age of 17, she travelled the world. London, Paris, New York (the fashion metropolis) were used as her base (and inspiration) in creating images that never get old, breathtaking, to the point. In the beginning she worked as a stylist at Italian Vogue and then her passion for photography took over.

“I used to play when I was a girl, and I continue to do so”

Is there a favorite place to photograph? Her answer was no! All places have an uniqueness. The most important factor for Calliope’s aesthetics when photographing is the light itself, the pure, natural light. “Natural light is the best light in the world”, she said.

Her favorite photographers, is the great Helmut Newton and Steven Meisel.


Christianna Belba