A Bright Mind, A Beautiful Soul

Saying goodbye to Angelo Pandelidis, an intelligent man, an exploratory heart and a creative spirit.

Text: Mary Giatra


Angelo Pandelidis was the absolute definition of cool. A very unique person and a celebrated art director, admired for his work at the greek edition of Esquire magazine, he was effortlessly stylish, quick-witted and a fast-forward thinker. The news of his sudden death, numbing.

Except from owning a Visual Communication and Branding Consultancy office, he was preparing two magazines and was also the art director of Volt. Co founder and designer of Kennedy Magazine -a biannual journal of curiosities-, he saw the publishing of Volume One and received excellent reviews. He spent his time among plenty creative projects, traveling and of course rally-raid racing, his big passion.


In his most recent interview in Andro, we got to know his ideas and codes a little better. He also stated that he wished us to say goodbye with the sound of “I Get Around” by the Beach Boys. We dedicate it to him and just say: The song may end but the melody will linger on.