MUSIC ID: Arctic Monkeys

In anticipation of their fifth album, we couldn’t help but thinking is Arctic Monkeys the best band of 21st century?

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


“R U Mine?”, “Do I Wanna Know?”, “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”. Questions, questions. These are the first 3 singles from the new album of the band, AM, which transfers them into a new era, where they discover how to be a well-established power in the music industry. The name of the album, as Alex Turner, frontman of the group, stated is inspired by Velvet Underground’s 1985 album, VU.

As it is widely known, Arctic Monkeys rose to prominence thanks to the rapid expansion of the Internet, back in 2005. They had already dedicated fans, before they even release their first album, who knew all their lyrics by heart at their concerts.

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s what I’m Not was the title of their first album, one of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time that gained also a numerous other awards. Suddenly, the band was everyone’s new favourite group and Turner was considered one of the best frontmen in history.


Favourite Worst NightmareHumbug and Suck It and See were the next 3 albums that followed the success of their first work, among with the live album At the Apollo. In every album, Arctic Monkeys tried to experiment with their music and stay always progressive, providing their audience with new experiences.


Jamie Cook, lead guitarist of the group, is considered the member who led the band into this music direction, due to his love for bands like The Strokes and The Smiths. Many also claim that Arctic Monkeys was one of the reasons for the revival of post-punk, especially in their primal work.


On September 9th, we will be holding AM in our hands. Until then, we are watching closely Alex Turner’s transformation into a rockabilly persona and see how much this retro love will last.