Sky Ferreira: Who’s That Girl?

The multitalented singer, songwriter and actress at the same time.

Text_Collages: Xanthippe Partsakoulaki


Who’s that girl? Sky Tonia Ferreira was born in 1992 in California, Los Angeles. Ever since she was very young, she loved music. In 2011 she released her first album called “As If!” but what really made her popular was her song “One”. This pop song made the difference and changed her life -and was the first steps to success. Today she is one of the most well-known young singers. Her long curled hair, style and her untamed personality made her to be different and that had an impact.

Walking the hall of fame, her music career grew bigger and she started getting involved with fashion. She has been photographed by Heidi Slimane and Terry Richardson. Along with this, she has also been in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Interview, V, Bullett and Numero. Sky Ferreira has appeared in fashion campaigns too: CK One and Shock, Saint Laurent, United Colors Of Benetton and for Forever 21 and the list goes on.

For CK one

Photographed by Heidi Slimane

Photographed by Terry Richardson

Sky Ferreira has also worked with the photographer Terry Richardson and made the video for her song “Red Lips”

For Benneton 

For Saint Laurent

For Forever 21 

For V magazine shot by Marion Testino

For Bullett magazine

Fashion seems to really like her, since she has had the opportunity to appear at fashion shows at every Fashion Week and at major fashion houses, such as Givenchy, Giorgio Armani and Saint Laurent Paris.

A year ago she released her new album called “Ghost”. A mix of pop and electro sounds showing a different side of herself, her experiences and life as she is growing up. Some of the songs from this album have appeared in ABC channel at Grey’s Anatomy series.


Apart from music, she is interested in acting and she declares she is huge fan of short films. She took her first role at the drama film Putty Hill where she played a teenager named “Jenny”. This year we are looking forward to see her acting, while she impersonates a character named “Angel” in IRL (In Real Life) short film. Her role is a young alienated girl who struggles with her life while trying to pull through.