Mary Katrantzou x Moncler

The most anticipated collaboration of the upcoming winter!

Text: Katerina Papapostolou


From 1952 till today, the Italian outerwear brand Moncler keeps us warm in the most luxury way. This winter the classic puffer jacket acquires a couture touch, becoming the must have piece of the season. The “queen” of print designers, Mary Katrantzou collaborates with Moncler by launching a capsule collection, Moncler M. Including coats, jackets, trousers and skirts, this unexpected clothing line is a unique mix of Katrantzou’s maximalist approach and Moncler’s classic –but glamorous- design. The jackets are undoubtedly the strongest pieces of this collection. Beautifully constructed, some of them with the famous, kaleidoscopic, digital patterns while others with distinctive collars or cuffs. This fabulous synergy is the best way for this winter to fend against the cold with such a stylish coat. Whether you choose the maxi one with ruffles or the straighter one with the mix of different fabrics, one is for sure; you will be absolutely stunning.

The collection will be available worldwide in August.

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