MUSIC ID: Bleached

Two girls update the sound of Los Angeles with their guitars.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Jessie and Jennifer Clavin, are sisters from the “city of angels” who spread their love for music through their band Bleached. LOVE magazine refers that “Bleached are the sound of wearing leather in the LA heat”.



Ex members of the punk band Mika Miko, the girls are mixing punk and pop elements with sunny melodies, which provides the band with a strong music identity. Their first three7”singles, and especially the song “Think of You” got a lot of attention and Bleached gathered a lot of fans.

Their first personal album Ride your Heart is out since last April, creating a bigger buzz with songs like “Next Stop”, “Dead in Your Head” and “Outta my Mind”. The duo has been included in magazines like LOVE, Nylon, Teen Vogue, Flaunt and many more.



What’s more, the girls state that they took their name from their consistency of bleaching their blonde hair and denim jackets. Jessie would be doing music for movies, if she wasn’t in a band and Jennifer played on Chloë Sevigny’s show for Opening Ceremony, fulfilling her dream of playing in a fashion show and in a church the same day. It seems that the Bleached sisters are here to stay.