Unique Mind’s Eye

Jewelry designer, Noemi Klein, sees the world through her own eyes, transforming the beauty of it into unique jewelry pieces.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Born in West German countryside, but nowadays based inLondon, Klein started her career in the early 2000s, mainly working with metal. Through craft and workmanship she has managed to create desirous jewelry that is characterized by subtlety.


Epoch 3 collection


She is inspired by nature very often, like in her latest collection Epoch 5 “Strange Volitions”, where she says that it “explores the fragile relationship between the human and inanimate”. The pieces have also names from nature, like “tiny crab claw hoops”, “fish spine earcuff” and “crystallite necklace”.


  Epoch 5 collection


As Klein mentions in her website “Denoting protection, cover and guidance the eyes are also redolent of the early twentieth century surrealists, […]. Geological structures in the form of precious mineral clusters crystalize the natural environment and provide a sharp physical alternative to the ethereal and sensory world of the eye”. Together with photographer Alexander Binder they created monochromatic, but intense images, which share their mutual passion for abstract and surreal.


Epoch 4 collection


Klein’s work is widely acknowledged, as she has stockists from New York and Los Angeles to Australia and Seoul, while her jewelry have been included in acclaimed magazine titles such as Vogue, Muse, Vanity Fair, Another and Dazed &Confused.


Noemi Klein X Liam Sparkes collection


If you have time, visit Noemi Klein’s blog in her website here, where you will certainly find food for thought, as she makes different posts about art, surrealism and her work. Beware, because Klein also features online shopping on her website. The only thing we can say is that the more you stare at the pieces the more you feel the urge to buy a couple of them. Let yourself be carried away by Klein’s “pronouncement of desire”.



Epoch 1 & 2 collections


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