It’s a girl!

Sasha Pivovarova ‏ @vovarova
Today is my first day celebrating mother’s day as a mommy! Happy mother’s day to all mothers around the world 🙂 Love, Sasha.”

On May 10th, Sasha released her first picture being pregnant, since she declared in December that she was expecting a child; a black & white photo, featuring her topless, showing off her belly and wearing a maxi skirt was taken by her husband, Igor Vishnyakov.

Two days later Sasha Pivovarova posted on Twitter, announcing that she became a mother. What’s better for a mother to give birth to her baby, the same day that is dedicated to mothers all over the world? Probably, the best gift ever. As for the sex, a girl was born; if I recall Sasha, this girl is going to be inextricably beautiful. What a bless!

Congratulations on your baby girl Sasha!

Evmorfia Savvaidi