The Curious Case of Juergen Teller

How a German-born Londoner changed the fashion photography once and for all

Text: Danae Terzakou


One of the most influential photographers in the fashion industry, Juergen Teller, the man who effortlessly combined art with fashion. Over the years he has collaborated with massive personalities and colossal fashion houses. He is widely recognized as one of the most popular contemporary fashion photographers in spite of his “naughty boy” reputation in the world of fashion. One can say that his work looks a bit amateurish, yet that individual knows nothing about art. His peculiar yet unique use of light and the audacious realism that pops out on every single snapshot, are those key elements that make his photographs so exceptional, and no one can depict decadence better that him.

Born in Erlangen Germany, he moved to London in the mid 1980s, in order to avoid military national service. Although he knew nothing about the world of fashion, he would soon begin to work for fashion magazines –mostly for young people such as “Face”, “W Magazine”, “i-D”, “Dazed & Confused” – yet, quickly for other fashion magazines such as “Vogue”. Still making his way on the eclectic world of fashion, he would eventually orient himself towards high fashion, working for fashion houses, making ad campaigns not only for Yves Saint Laurent products (since 2005) but also Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Celine and many many others. Through his photograph many famous models had paraded and posed such as Kate Moss, but also Claudia Schiffer, Nicole Kidman, Winona Ryder and many many others.

His work has been focused equally in the fashion world as in the domain of music. Teller would also work on music album covers of singers such as Björk, Sinead O’Connor, and Elton John, as well as for bands like Elastica, Simply Red, New Order, and others.




photos via:, W magazine, Purple Magazine