Brilliant Masterpieces: A Tribute to Roberto Capucci

Meet one of the most amazing Haute Couture designers of the 20th century

Text: Mariannie Samara


In the past century, there were some designers that changed the way fashion was perceived because they introduced innovations to the history of costume. Today, their Houses remain the leaders in the fashion industry. But what about all these skilfull designers that gave true masterpieces to fashion, but their name is not that well known today? Are they condemned to oblivion?


Roberto Capucci is one of the designers that every fashion lover should know about. In his designs fashion meets art. Experimental forms, unexpected mixing of colours and unusual materials are the characteristics of his work. His creations are real artworks that can take our breath away!


Capucci was born in Rome in 1930, where he attended the Academia of Bella Arti. He opened his first couture salon in 1950 and immediately made an impact in Italian fashion. In 1956 he was awarded the Medal of Gold of Venice and in the same year, he received a message of admiration from French designer Christian Dior. In 1962 he moved to Paris and in 1968 went back to Rome where he continued his work as a couturier. He continued designing in the decades of 1980 and 1990 and in 2003 a runway show for the house of Capucci took place, after many years.


Roberto Capucci described his own work as “a study in form”. His clothes had a sculpture-like construction that conveyed a certain energy to the viewer. He also was a genius as far as technique is concerned. Structures that only a mastermind could bring to life. His clothes were utterly theatrical, maximalist and extravagant, but in the most refined way.

Roberto Capucci black velvet flamenco-style ball gown, mid 1980s


His creations are now available to the public at the Roberto Capucci Foundation Museum in Florence. In my opinion, a wonder for the eyes!

Roberto Capucci 



Roberto Capucci Collezione 1992

Roberto Capucci Collezione 1992

Roberto Capucci for Katia Ricciarelli concert gown 1986

Roberto Capucci details with plastic and stones from 1980’s and 1990’s


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