The talented duo caught the eye of the world with their haunted melodies, resulting in one of the biggest surprises of music in 2013.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Lizzy Plapinger, aka MS and Max Hershenow, aka MR are the two people that constitute the band, which was created 3 years ago. They were meet in New York after their graduation and their chemistry between them was instant. Hershenow’s electronic soundscapes matched perfectly with Plapinger’s aesthetic vocals. “Nothing was premeditated. We hadn’t even dreamed of making our own music” stated Hershenow at Interview Magazine.

MS MR photographed by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine


Before that, Plapinger was occupied in her independent record label, Neon Gold and Hershenow was studying at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, but their mutual understanding for music brought them close. “We love the idea of dark, moody pop songs coexisting with the art and visuals. We like to work in extremes”.




Their first 2 singles were Hurricane and Fantasy, while their debut album The Secondhand Rapture was released last May. Their songs have been included in many shows, like Pretty Little Liars and Grey’s Anatomy and the song Bones was heard in the promotional video of Game of Thrones Season 3. Last, but not least, designer Tom Ford used the song Hurricane in a 2012 runway show.


All their videos have vintage references, mainly from pop culture and they are showing an opposition to the digital world. “We find inspiration in unexpected contrasts, like a bloodied hand colored in pastels,” explains Hershenow at Interview. “Our best work combines disparate ideas that don’t naturally work together—that don’t make sense.”


“If I could force my heart, my ears, my mind
And eyes to get in line
Maybe I’ll find something real
Not a fantasy so divine”