A known brutalist at heart and by design; this is the house of one of the most avant-garde contemporary fashion designers.


Text: Mary Giatra

About a month ago, we posted about the earthly paradise of Tom Ford, who lives in a mystical ranch in New Mexico, designed by Tadao Ando. That had us wondering whether other fashion personalities do have equally dreamy domestic lives, starting with high-end fashion designer Rick Owens.

The celebrated designer recently allowed The Wall Street Journal to have a scoop around his Parisian maison. The building that he took over and turned into a home was an abandoned office which had been empty for 20 years but complete with old office cubicles and insulation tiles. As the designer stated, the place was “too daunting for most people to take on -not too many people would do it the way we did”.

Raw materials, open space, minimal design and earthly tones characterize this apartment. Some of the furniture that complete the scene were designed by Owens himself who brought his signature blend of glamour and grunge to his Parisian home. Full of contrasts and pure minimalism, this is a space that has to be noticed.