Ladies… Clutch Yourself!

Greek designer Urania Giourmetaki, owner of the brand Urania Gazelli, has taken over the fashion industry with her plexiglass clutch bags, handmade in Greece!

Text: Christina Zikou


With studies in industrial design and a bachelor from Middlesex University of London, Urania discovered the world of plexiglass alongside her father. Making use of his savoir-faire, she wanted to move a step further, blending shapes, colors and techniques within the family business “Ranol” where the magic happens since 2010. The fully equipped factory, situated in Athens, constitutes the heart of her experimentations between futurism and classicism.

Urania showcased her debut collection “Urania Gazelli AW 2012” at the acclaimed trade show Première Classe in Paris for March 2012. Since then, she has been presenting her work in high end accessories trade shows, inviting more and more fashion aficionados to the plexiglass adventure.

Her handcrafted clutches are made of fine materials demonstrating uniqueness, luxury and elegance and have been credited editorially in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Glamour,,,, and Madame Air France, while fashion editors like Anna dello Russo and Nausheen Shah and bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni have been spotted cherishing their beautiful plexiglass clutches.

For the summer, make way for your most original clutch. Leopard, neon orange, red, cobalt blue, Queen of Hearts or King of Spades are waiting to be worn with style… Which one is your summer love?

To discover more about Urania Gazelli, kindly visit the official site of the brand here.


Photos courtesy of Urania Gazelli