1 Year Vicky’s Notes

Text: Vicky Kaya


It has been such a great experience sharing with you my everyday life and moments through Vicky’s Notes, a spontaneous idea that came to life and today turns one year old! One full year of Vicky’s Notes!

So today.. let’s remember some of the backstage fun we had through this year!

Thank you all so much for your support!

Ιnto my closet: Top Coats

Ready, set, go!

Big Smiles & a Camera

Getting ready for Oz: The Great and Powerful video!

MC talent photoshoot with the Workshopaholics  for ΜΟΥΣΑ magazine 

Links of London for Make-A-Wish Greece

Backstage at Madwalk 2013 by Coca Cola light

One Dress, Three Looks

Shooting for TOMS’ One Day Without Shoes video

Backstage at Mega Mou TV show along with the Workshopaholics

Into my Closet: Boots!


My New Year Fashion Resolution

Spotted with a badge for World Wish Day!

Into my Closet: Shoes

10 years Vassilis Zoulias fashion show at Grande Bretagne 

One day Without Shoes

Backstage at Marianna G. fashion show!

Backstage Galore, shooting for Glow Magazine

Chez moi!