Profile In Style: Elena Perminova

A Russian girl with an international sense of style

Text: Mariannie Samara


It is a fact that lately, even more women from Russia are emerging as icons in the never-ending fashion cycle. But we have to admit that some of them really got that thing that converts them from fashion victims, to fashion leaders.

Helena Perminova is one of that girls. Being the wife of the Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev and a true beauty, it made it easy for her to obtain the front row seats in most of the catwalks during fashion weeks. Another impressive thing about her is that even in the age of 26, she is the mother of two young boys.

Her gorgeous face and slim body bring out the best of her outfits. Her clothing consists mainly of sexy, girlie, fan and colorful pieces that are usually paired with edgy heels. She must also have a thing for fringes and cuts, as details of an item. Denim also is something that she opts for, in general.

Her style, not that minimalistic, has a certain dynamic that catches the viewer’s attention. It is characterized by a kind of romanticism which, however, is broken down by some more mannish, or formal, or even rock elements. And that is why street photographers love her!


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