Rick Owens for Adidas

The innovative designer Rick Owens collaborated with Adidas for a collection of running shoes

Text: Vasiliki Simeonidi


Rick Owens is famous for his avantgarde creations and his look has been characterized as glamour-grunge. This summer the designer decided to collaborate with the giant German athletic wear Adidas and create a line of men’s and women’s running shoes. Owens tried to balance his aesthetics with Adidas style and this attempt resulted to a shoe with a minimal design. The line will include six styles for men and four for women. As expected from Rick Owens, the colors were limited to black, white, gray, pearl and bone. The designer used a great variety of materials like leather, suede, nylon, and canvas.

“I work out like a fiend but I hate, hate, hate cardio. I realized I’m in my fifties now and I need to do something for my heart and lungs. So, I’ve got to start running”, Owens explained to WWD. “I thought to myself, ‘What shoes am I going to wear running?’ I can’t wear my big chunky basketball shoes –I’d look like a dinosaur running through the Tuileries”.