MC Talent Diaries: A Practical Knowledge

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou


A couple of months ago, an evening in the heart of January, the announcement of the 9 girls who would take an internship at Marie Claire, took place in Fashion Workshop. With exaggerated happiness I found out that I was one of them!

Since I was in the third and final group, I spent the past few months listening to the other girls talking about their experience, their anxieties and their hopes during their internship. So I thought that I was not so nervous, but the morning I arrived outside the DOL building, I realized I was wrong. Excitement and agony took me over while climbing the stairs to the offices of Marie Claire. When we met the team and settled ourselves in the offices, I was a bit more relaxed but still very eager to learn how a magazine issue does come to reality.


Still after a couple of weeks there, the excitement remains and I am looking forward to what is next to come.

Konstantina and Vasiliki 

Hard working girls! 

Giota and Christina 

Vasiliki ans Sofia

Sofia and Mariannie