MUSIC ID: James Blake

While we are waiting for his live performance in Athens today, we gaze back to some of the most important moments of his career so far.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


The 24-year-old musician James Blake, son of the English singer and guitarist James Litherland, made his big break on the music scene about 2 years ago, when his homonym debut album was released.


The album was nominated for a Mercury Prize, as well as for a BRIT Award. Before that, Blake had released also three EPs, each of them composed in various music styles. Different producers of BBC Radio 1 appraised Blake’s EPs, so in 2011 he took the second place in BBC Sound poll for most promising new talents.



His collaboration with Bon Iver led to the song Fall Creek Boys Choir, that was also included in his deluxe edition album.

From April 2013, his second album Overgrown is out, including the lead single Retrograde, as well as collaborations with Brian Eno and RZA. His second album followed the success of his first album, reaching No.1 of the US Dance/Electronic chart. James also admitted that most of his contemporary songs are romantic and that he has a muse that inspired him in Overgrown.

“I do a lot of stuff. I go out with friends; we play many games together, electronic, chess, different games. I like watching movies and playing tennis. I like sitting in my living room and listening to albums. I am a huge fan of food. I like tasting different kind of foods” said Blake to LIFO a few days ago, when he was asked what he likes to do apart from making music and continued saying that his child hero was Steve Wonder.

That’s James Blake people! Be prepared to enjoy him live. Only a few hours left.