London Calling: Kzeniya

Inspired by architecture and geometry, KZENIYA LONDON SS/2013 collection of luxury leather bags and clutches, is about to take the fashion world by storm! 

Text: Aspa Fafouti

This collection couldn’t be but perfect, taking into account the designer’s successful route in the fashion world. Having won many important awards, Kzeniya Oudenot is the living proof that talent combined with hard work can bring success.

She started fashion illustrations and accessories while she was still in school and, as she said, and her family and her friends supported her. She sent all her work to St. Martin’s College of Art and Design where she was accepted without exams. Soon she was interested in the art of leather by experimenting on printing techniques, and she decided to focus on this domain. Working with one of the most gifted designers, Alexander McQueen, she was taught a lot about how to manage with fashion world. In 2010 she founded her label, whose breakthrough came when JLo was spotted with one of her most fashionable clutches. A few weeks later she received an order from her favorite store “Selfridges”, and that was only the beginning of her career.

Designed and handcrafted in London, Kzeniya’s bags mix cutting edge design with luxury materials like laser cut leather, Perspex plastic in various colors and metal.

Jennifer Lopez holding a Kseniya clutch

Playing with geometry and shapes, this up-coming talent creates more than a unique collection for SS/13. She creates a wearable sculptural art that tries to interact with the body. And as we can see the result is amazing.