MC Talent Diaries: An Amazing Experience

Excited, excited oh and I forgot: excited!

Text: Vasiliki Simeonidi


My name is Vasiliki Simeonidi and I am one of the nine chosen girls for internship at Marie Claire.  I have always wanted to work on a magazine, to see what happens there. It was about time to find it out. It’s a great opportunity for me; I begun my internship in a great magazine almost a year from the first day at Fashion Workshop.

It’s the third week of our internship and I have already worked under real conditions of preparing a magazine issue. Being an intern it’s more difficult than it sounds. You need to be focused on your job and learn as much as you can. For me it’s a dream that came true, so I do my best. I am on the third group so I am a little bit more prepared to meet the demands of this internship. This week they asked us to prepare our column for the September issue. In order to complete this assignment we gathered and started collecting photos of an object that inspired us. At the end this object turned into words. Also this week all nine girls were asked to participate on September issue for the winter trends with some extra pages. Working all together feels like a game to us. What can I say we are a great team!

Konstantina and I

Hard working girls! Yiota, Christina, Konstantina and I

Konstantina and I looking up fashion news

Giota and Christina 

Fashion photographs, editorials and research, yes I want them all. The feeling is so strong and this is only the beginning.