Iris Van Herpen: The True Expression of Innovation

The Cité Internationale de la Dentelleet de la Mode in Paris hosts an exhibition dedicated to fashion-artist Iris Van Herpen.

Text: Mariannie Samara


Art, sculpture, architecture, technology, structure, futurism, Haute Couture and extravaganza are only some of the words that would better describe the work of a young designer that in such sort period of time, managed to make fashion statements. The designer couldn’t be else than the Dutch Iris Van Herpen, whose creations can blow the mind of any fashion or art lover.

Iris Van Herpen Voltage Haute Couture


Having started her career in 2007, Iris has created some of the most visually interesting pieces that a designer could ever thought of. She experiments with new materials that lead to new forms. Her approach to Haute Couture is truly unique. Pieces that resemble art installations, clothes that seem to have come out from a science fiction movie.

Iris Van Herpen Voltage Haute Couture


That is her vision: to perceive High Fashion from another point of view. And that originality must have been the reason that the Cité Internationale de la Dentelleet de la Mode in Calais, in France, decided to exhibit her work. The exhibition will host creations of the designer since her first Haute Couture collection, until the ones in 2012. It will also feature video installations of around 30 of Van Herpen’s architectural-style dresses.

The exhibition will be open until the 31stof December.

As Iris says… “Normal rules don’t apply…”


Iris Van Herpen Wilderness Emodied Haute Couture

Iris Van Herpen Hybrid Holism Haute Couture


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