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 Text: Mary Giatra

In Jules Dassin’s “Never on Sunday”, we watch Melina Mercouri as Ilya, the most sensuous and radiant “lady of the night” in the seaport of Piraeus. She is full of life and good humor and manages to have some kind of independence in the 1960s society of Greece. Dassin becomes her Pygmalion trying to make her change her way of life with intellect and education.


As Homer (Dassin), tries to teach Ilya about classical ideals and virtues, we watch the eternal contrast among contemporary Greek culture and ancient Greek civilization. But is the path of morality hidden in the ancient books?


The movie submerges the viewer into greek culture and music and won the Academy Award for Best Song (Manos Hadjidakis for Never on Sunday). Mercouri also won the award for Best Actress in the 1960s Cannes Film Festival but the films style has also been rewarded. Melina’s appearance with a simple striped tank top and a pencil skirt has gained a place among the most unforgettable fashion moments throughout the film history.


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