Kate Moss for Sale

To all Kate Moss’s henchmen, she is for sale

Text: Danae Terzakou


Who would have guessed that the next subject of a fine auction house like Christie’s would be Kate Moss? A vast collection of photographs, collages and other works that feature her will be for sale and the art collector Gert Elfering, will be the curator of the auction. “I am pleased to be working with Christie’s once again, on this occasion to celebrate the living icon Kate Moss,” as Elfering said in Vogue.co.uk. “She is the subject and inspiration for this collection, but the importance of the present works is in her collaboration with the internationally renowned artists who created them”. Works created by massive fashion luminaries such as Juergen Teller, Nick Knight and Mario Testino are included. Though the sale will take place on September 25, the public will be able to visit this fine collection from the 21st of September till the day before the auction.

Kate Moss as Alanddin Sane by Nick Knight

Kate Moss by Albert Watson

Kate Moss by Allen Jones

Kate Moss by David Simms

Kate Moss by Sante D’ Orazio