Backstage Galore

Wonderful clothes, summer feelings, super styling, fantastic hair and makeup proved to be the essentials of an amazing photoshoot.

Text: Vicky Kaya
Photos: Panio Ventza


A few days ago I found myself at Island’s private house, shooting for GLOW magazine Thessaloniki’s coming issue. The sun was shining, the mood was oh-so-summerish and the team was more than amazing! Christos Alexandropoulos did the styling, bringing together great outfits for me. Stefanos Vassilakis took care of my hair and Mary Fakinou of my make up. The photographer was no other than the talented and dearest Mara Desypris! I will not say a word about the outcome of that great day!! You will see it all at Glow’s coming issue -in the meantime the backstage photos speak for themselves!


Thank you all for such a wonderful and creative sunny day!

Till next week




The absolute essentials

The clothes

The utterly amazing shoes 

Stylist Christos Alexandropoulos helping me dress up

Attention is in the details 

We love Mara!

The real thing

Amazing Mara in action

Ready for the next look! Stefanos Vassilakis taking care of my hair

Mary Fakinou doing my makeup 

Strike a pose!

We had so much fun!

We rock!