ARCHITECTURE: Nova Shoe by Zaha Hadid

The celebrated architect, has a thing for fashion. She proves it once again with her new shoe design for United Nude.

 Text: Mary Giatra

A pair of limited-edition chrome-plated shoes with 16.5-centimetre cantilevered heels is Zaha Hadid’s new fashion creation. The “NOVA” shoe for United Nude is the first shoe to use rotation moulding in the manufacture procedure. The metallic vinyl rubber upper is lined with leather while the platform and heel are fibreglass.


The shoe resembles geological formations similar to those the famous architect uses in her architectural projects and her aesthetic is apparent in the limited-edition shoe that holds her signature.

As United Nude stated: “The NOVA design incorporates intricate striations juxtaposed with dramatic realignments, establishing a direct formal relationship with the shoe’s primary structure and expressing the dynamic forces applied by every step of the wearer.”


The shoes were launched a few days ago in Paris. The same day, the shoe brand presented a 3D printed pair, designed by fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

This is definitely one of the most high-tech and avant-garde shoes ever created and can become yours for 1500 EUR.