Big Smiles and a Camera

My dear friend Errikos Andreou and I decided to have some fun that involved clicks, smiles and Fashion Workshop’s terrace!

Text: Vicky Kaya
Photos: Spyros Xylas


Errikos Andreou is an exceptionally talented Greek photographer and a friend of mine. He spends most of his time in Paris, shooting fashion editorials, portraits and making videos – just to name a few of his creative skills. A couple of days ago we decided to have a photoshoot on Fashion Workshop’s terrace! Errikos asked me to look as simple as possible, so I picked out some basic pieces of my wardrobe: a couple of shorts, tank tops and an –all time classic- white shirt. My hair and makeup was done by Marita Politou.

We had so much fun under the blue sky!

Till next week!




Big smiles!

Errikos and me in action

Marita Politou, who took care of my make up, Errikos Andreou and me

Errikos and I sharing a kiss on the cheek!

Once we were done with the terrace, we went downstairs at the Fashion Workshop for some extra snaps!

Checking the final outcome