The Best Fashion Hotels

There are many fashion designers who have collaborated with hotels all over the world, in order to give a certain fashion touch to plain luxury. These are only some of the hotels where the lucky customers have the most stylish dreams.

 Karl Lagerfeld: Schlosshotel im Grunewald (Germany)

The baroque palace built in 1912 has been transformed into a beautiful hotel by the Kaiser of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld. 19th century furniture is mixed with modern pieces, velvet curtains and heavy chandelliers, creating the unique rooms and spaces of this hotel in Berlin. (Photos from here)


Christian Lacroix: Hotel le Bellechasse (France)

Located in one of the most chic neighbourhooda of Paris, Saint Germain, this hotel is decorated by fashion designer Christian Lacroix. The “Lacroix” signature is everywhere, with flowers, fishes, posters, colors, art pieces and gold dominating the rooms and the chic restaurant.


Maison Martin Margiela: La Maison Champs Elysées (France)

Located in the centre of Paris, this hotel is the first to be decorated by the avant garde Maison Martin Margiela. Minimal, white and with beautiful details the Maison Champs Elysées represents perfectly the fashion vision of the Belgian designer. (photos from here and here)


Philip Treacy: G Hotel (Ireland)

The 5 star hotel in the city Galway of Ireland has the touch of Philip Treacy. The Irish milliner used fantasy, imagination and colour to decorate this luxurious hotel, which combines comfort and Irish hospitality with design and fashion.


Αlberta Ferreti: Palazzo Viviani-Castello di Montegridolfo (Italy)

This quiet resort near Venice, in the small village of Montegridolfo, has the signature of the designer Alberta Ferretti. The castle- hotel, which is dated back to medieval times, has frescoes and antiquities, all selected by the Italian designer.


Μulberry: Bannatyne’s Charlton House (United Kingdom)

This british-traditioned mansion in Somerset has a chic decoration and furniture covered with Mulberry fabrics. Having the reputation of the most stylish hotel in the South West of England, it combines superb food, luxurious rooms and a unique spa.

Maria Tzirita