Isa Tapia

Isa Tapia is a shoe designer with colourful and smart ideas for an extravagant shoe collection!

Text: Irene Gkoufa

Isa came to fashion industry in 2010. She is form Puerto Rico and she is graduated from Parson’s School of Design. Then she worked with famous designers like Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta. Afterwards, she went to Italy and discovered the world of shoe! Isa Tapia knows how to combine all the colours with the most creative patterns. In her collection there is a shoe for every type of fashionista. Her mote as she has told in many interviews is ”Part of me wants to be a practical person, and then the other part is the crazy side of me”.



You can find her collection in her official site, in Bloomingdales, in Saks and in Bergdorf Godmans.