Fashion pioneers

Did you know that:

“Le smoking”
costume appeared in 1966. Yves Saint Laurent saw the mastermind who designed it. The straight, minimal and androgynous line was so innovative. It changed completely the woman’s world and is still an inspiration to other designers.


“Chanel suit”
is an all time classic outfit for most women in any occasion. The boxy blazer with the knee-high, straight skirt was made in 1955 by Coco Chanel, offering an elegant and chic option to fashion lovers.



“Little black dress”
Designer Hubert de Givenchy presented it to the world of fashion in 1961. We all remember the charming actress, Audrey Hepburn wearing the little satin clothe in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. That was the moment that the famous dress stole woman’s heart once and forever.

“Shocking pink”
was made by Lenor Fini for the surrealist fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1937. It took its name from the tone of pink used in the lettering on the box of Elsa’s perfume called “Shocking”. The color is bold, intense and has kept its name in British English. In North America this intense magenta was called hot pink in the 1950’s and kinky pink in the 1960’s – before it renamed again as “shocking pink” to distinguish it from the web color hot pink.


“The sack dress” or chemise
was introduced by Cristobal Balenciaga in 1957. A brand new silhouette in cntradiction to Christian Dior’s New Look of the early 50’s, was straight and loose from bottom to top with big buttons, making it look like a sack. Soon, variations on the chemise appeared, including a belted Empire-waist version designed by Balenciaga, as well.

Eleni Fotopoulou