The Big Finale

Fashion Workshop was very happy to host the final round of Maybelline’s Next Make Up Artist contest!

Text: Vicky Kaya
Photos: Spyros Xylas


On Thursday early morning people were eagerly getting in and out of Fashion Workshop, creating a buzz in the streets of Psyrri. The reason was no other than the final round of Maybelline New York, Greece’s Next Make Up Artist contest! The five finalists were asked to show their impeccable skills, through three challenges, so that a winner -and the Next Make Up Artist of Maybelline New York, Greece- could be named by the judging committee, of which I was part!

The Judging committee  

The first challenge was called ”Live Make Up”. The contestants were asked to create a make up inspired by the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 trends. They had 40 minutes to create the look and then come up in front of us and explain their choice. From goth influences to cherry-red lips, all looks were amazing, making it hard to decide on the best!

Then sketch time followed! For the second challenge the contestants were given a book containing several make up looks, inspired by the Fall/Winter 2013-14 catwalk trends and were asked to sketch one of them in 30 minutes! The aim was to see how good they can sketch, rather than which look they picked.

The last, but not least, challenge involved lights and cameras! The finalists were asked to give two of the most important tips on a product that we would choose that very moment, like being on a 5-minute liveshow. They had 10 minutes to prepare! That was probably the most fun of all challenges!

The decision was really hard, because all the young contestants were extremely skilled and talented.

After a lot of time we reached to a conclusion.

And Maybelline New York, Greece’s next make up artist is..

Magda Mpakoula!

Congratulations Magda!

All in all, it was a truly great experience. We had fun, laughed our hearts out, arranged spontaneous photoshoots on the street, but above all, we got to meet wonderful and talented young people!

Till next week!




The five finalists: Mariza Mountaki, Magda Mpakoula, George Marascas, Eleni Chatzikou, Vasiliki Mpampi

Congratulations to Magda Mpakoula! Maybelline New York, Greece’s next make up artist! 

We should celebrate with a toast

 The Winner, Magda Mpakoula and her model, during the impromptu street fashion photo shoot!