Like Mother Like Daughter

Like mother, like daughter…Isn’t this what they say?

Text: Kelly Desipri


They also say that if you want to know what a woman will look like when she’s older, you should look at her mother. I don’t know about that -well, fathers too have a say in it, don’t they?- but one thing is certain, the mother-daughter relationship is an altogether unique and mystical one, explored and commented on by many.

American photographer Howard Schatz begun his own research on the matter in 2000, which ended up to a collection of portraits depicting models and their mothers. In his work he examines the origin of beauty and the way features are translated and carried from one generation to the next one. This is why, despite the fact that these women are professional models, he specifically asked for them to “just be their mother’s daughter”.
What’s interesting though is the dynamics between the two women. Some of them interact in a tender, protective way while others look detached. Some of them may hold hands, making the models look like little girls in their mothers arms, while others can’t refrain from their professional “posey” attitude -nor can their elder “doppelgangers”. In any case, this kind of relationship is worth exploring and, of course, living to the fullest.