Our house is our personal refuge. It hosts our dreams and hopes and reflects a part of our personality. But what happens when it looks like that?

Text: Mary Giatra


Houses have become architectural projects that are designed from the architect with the personality of the future resident in mind. There are some examples where designer and client work closely together in order to produce a house that will fulfill the dreams of the latter. Imagination is the key point and the designing projects becomes almost psychoanalytical.

The ideal home is a building that will suit the resident’s identity and represent his personality. There is after all a very strong connection between us and our homes. They keep us safe and comfortable and they are the place where we can return after a very difficult day. A dream house, should be the place where we are going to build our lives, families and relationships.

But what can a house that looks like a bridge of a forest tell about its owner? Let the psychoanalysis begin…

The Water House

By Li Xiaodong Atelier
China, 2010

House for a Photographer II

By OAB Carlos Ferrater, Carlos Escura
Spain, 2006

Nordwesthaus, Fussach

By Baumschlager Eberle
Austria, 2008

Bridge House

By Max Pritchard Architect
Australia, 2008

Linear House

By Patkau Architects
Canada, 2009

The Narrow House

By Bassam El Okeily
Belgium, 2009

House in the Outskirts of Brussels

By Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS
Belgium, 2007

photos via: Architizer