Trend Alert: Shades

Eyewear collections for summer 2013 are here to make a statement

Text: Konstantina Livaditi


Now that summer is here, our stylish choices need to be upgraded with a pair of fashionable sunglasses. Round, squared, oval, with bold and fancy colours or with the colour palette moving between earthy tones, the sunglasses for summer 2013 offer you many options.

Jimmy Choo draws inspiration from 1980s and creates pieces decorated with metal stars named as “star studs”, giving to the whole collection a rock ‘n roll glow.


On another view, Pierre Cardin chooses geometric lines for his capsule collection, with jewel details, celebrating the timeless style of the house and resurrecting the 1960s playful air.


Alexander McQueen 2013 eyewear collection features the house’s iconic signature details, such as the three dimensional metal skull and the studs. Inspired by the Heroine bag, the sunglasses of the house have a contemporary and sophisticated style.




Inspired by the most famous cities of the U.S, like New York and Miami, the new eyewear collection of Max Mara has a captivating style, reflecting a combination of timeless air and modern elements, with the tortoiseshell being prevailed as the main material.



Celine’s eyewear proposal is based on earthy hues and plays between square and round shapes, creating a very sophisticated style.



Spektre, a new italian eyewear brand, propose boldly coloured sunglasses with mirrored lenses. Transparent plastic, solid black and tortoise-shell are some of the basic patterns of the brand.



Made in multiple color graduations, SUPER, by RETROSUPERFUTURE has sunglasses in a large variety of colours, combining the looks with the high quality in the manufacturing process. For summer 2013, the brand gives a range of round or squared sunglasses, with transparent frames, or bold colours.



Inspired by vintage designs and materials, Thierry Lasry gives an updated modern and avant-gard touch to their creations. The collection can easily be named “futuristic vintage”, due to its shapes and their colour palette.



“Cultivated leisureis the aim of man”; that is the Oscar’s Wilde quote that inspired Oliver Peoples summer 2013 collection.  The embodiment of a sophisticated lifestyle is reflected in the designs through the use of modern materials and a vintage aesthetic with classic shapes and colours.