MC Talent Diaries: Is it the end, or just the beginning?

An overview of the MC Talent experience

By Mariannie Samara


The previous week was our team’s last days as interns in Marie Claire magazine. Since Monday the new team has taken over! In the past few months we were involved in so many things. We had the opportunity to work next to the styling team of the magazine and the team of fashion journalism, as well.


For me, the best thing was the photo shootings. The dressing room filled with clothes, tables with colorful accessories and shoe boxes all over the floor. Then there was the make up and the hair styling and finally, the camera is on! I admired the work of the stylists and tried to be as helpful as possible. The writing part was really important also, because we practiced our writing skills and had the chance to give our fashion advice through the online platform of the magazine.

I have to admit that our last day at the office we felt a bit nostalgic! But we shouldn’t be, since our work there is not really over yet! From now on, and during July, all of us nine interns will work together on a major project for Marie Claire’s September issue. We had our first two meetings with the fashion editor of the magazine and we work on it -both individually and as a team. That means that, even though we won’t go there every day, we are in contact and we will be working together again, next month. So, this is not the end, but a sort of a new beginning!

Overall, it was an amazing experience that changed our perspective and broadened our horizons in terms of fashion.