Text: Mary Giatra

 Imagine you are wandering around the city, feeling the evening breeze and listening to musical tunes coming from the end of the road. If this is your idea of a lovely summer evening, reads this week’s agenda.



Superman returns, with Zack Snyder as director and Christopher Nolan as a producer. The critics have already praised the new adventure of our beloved super-hero that premieres today, June 20th. This time, we watch Superman’s story from the beginning as he discovers his super powers and tries to find his true purpose in life. British star Henry Cavill is the third actor that will play the role of the popular hero in cinema. Let’s just see how he’s going to do.



Patti Smith is a true legend of rock. Especially for women artists and the female gender in general, she has been a unique inspiration. She and her band will appear underneath the Parthenon this Saturday. Herodion Theater will host the high priestess’ of punk live concert and the Athenians will have the chance to listen to her new/genius album “Banga”. She is unique, creative and completely unstoppable. Don’t miss her show!

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The Benaki Museum hosts a unique exhibition that every Athenian and lover of history and architecture should visit. A series of photographic evidence that shows a different side of Athens. The exhibition focuses on the buildings in the city of  Athens that are built in the architectural style of the Modern Movement. Visitors will discover that among the grey cityscape, there are true architectural gems hidden and will probably have the chance to visit them himself. The exhibition has just started and will last until June 30th.

Find out more about the museum’s exhibitions here




It is the usual days of the year when the whole city fills up with music, as Greece is celebrating the European Music Day very vividly. From June 19th to June 24th you will have the chance to visit many different venues and open air contemporary “arenas” as the party will go on and and on. The important fact is that this celebration is not just about the capital. Many other cities in Greece, will party in their own way transmitting the international message of music. The network consists of  hundreds of artists and events. Click on the link below, to find out more about the official program.