Chez Moi

Last-minute gatherings always work out the best -for some miraculous reason!

Text: Vicky Kaya
Photos: Genevieve Manjari, Spyros Xylas, Panio Ventza


One fine day the doorbell of Fashion Workshop rang and a package from the island of Kalymnos arrived. A 4kg Sea bream and three amazing lobsters were inside the box! One of our student’s father kindly sent us the goods, to thank us for looking after his daughter. How sweet is that?

My beloved friend Rafailos Desypris, who comes from the island of Tinos, is very skilled in sea food cooking and generally he’s a great chef. So, one day in my office he promised to cook for a few close friends when he is back from the island. We were all awaiting for his return! Finally, that day arrived and last Saturday night Rafailos called and said “I’ m free tomorrow, shall I cook for you? My kitchen is small so let’s do it chez toi!”

And so we did.

I made a few last minute phone calls and gathered Rafailos’ favorite people. He pointed out that he doesn’t usually cook for just about anyone! We’re deeply honored, I said to him! Thank you chef Rafailos! Sunday morning we were all at my backyard, swimming, laughing and we kept saying how wonderful it is that we finally managed to cook that fish! Rafailos and Dada took care of the cooking, and the rest of us (including baby Rosalia) set the table!

A lovely summer day went by, along precious friends, delicious food and biological Naxos wine and TOO much dessert. It will be a Sunday to remember and bare in mind that last-minute gatherings always work out the best –for some miraculous reason!

To many more to come.. Cheers!


Till next week!






Genevieve in action 

With Dada and Genevieve laughing our hearts out!

Spyros & Panio

Setting the table

Rafailos and Dada preparing the divine lunch

The exquisite 4kg sea bream from fishmonger ”Τθούλα”, Kalymnos!

With Dada and Spyros

With Rosalia, Panio, Rafailos, Dada and Genevieve

All of us! Alexandra, Spyros, Panio, Eleni, Nicholas, Rafailos, Dada and me!