MUSIC ID: White Lies

The band from London is ready to release its third album “Big TV”

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


July 2010: During a hot summer afternoon, White Lies are taking the stage of Terra Vibe Park in Athens, in order to perform the well-known songs from their first album To Lose My Life. The audience seemed to know by heart the lyrics from their songs, like Farewell to the Fairground, Death and the homonym To Lose My Life. The area is not packed, but the crowd is certainly enjoying a worth listening concert, with the front man of the band, Harry McVeigh, carrying us away with his beautiful voice.


In the same concert, White Lies performed songs also from their upcoming album Ritual, that was about to be released. Single Bigger than Us stood out from the first moment and it is still the most recognizable song from Ritual. The album went on sale a few months after, but received mix critics.


For their anticipated third album, Big TV, the band is preparing a lot of surprises. Firstly, they collaborated with the Michael Kagan studio to create the cover artwork that is entitled ‘Pilot2’. And secondly, after 5 years, they return to the place that they gave their first gig as White Lies, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in London, for 3 ‘intimate’ concerts, where they will play live their new album.




The band has been compared to Joy Division, Editors and Interpol many times, but they are denying the comparisons saying that they are “…more euphoric and uplifting” and cited Talking Heads as their influence.



“We wanted to make something timeless and we spent a lot of time perfecting our song writing and our lyric writing. That’s what we wanted in our music, that’s what we believe in. We didn’t want to make it at all relevant to the time or the place in which the songs were written because we wanted it to reach out to a lot of people, and it has”.


 Pilot 2 by Michael Kagan


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