ARCHITECTURE: Saint Laurent Goes Downtown

It seems like Hedi Slimane’s compass is now pointing toward SoHo

Text: Mary Giatra


The creative director of the legendary fashion house has never stopped amazing and surprising us with his choices when it comes to reinventing the YSL brand. After changing the house’s name to Saint Laurent Paris and moving its’ headquarters as far away from Paris as possible to his beloved city of angels, he uses architecture as well in order to show the brand’s fresh and new direction.

After Shanghai, comes Manhattan (its lower part, to be more specific). A newly opened black-and-white store in SoHo’s historic district is Slimane’s latest project. A 4,000-square-foot space that highlights the buildings architecture will, from this moment on, host the brand’s fashionable products.

At 80 Greene Street, stands now the new boutique that has the look and feel of an open-plan studio. Light, space, monitors displaying the brand’s campaigns and an amazing view to the city’s skyline are its’ key characteristics. Slimane, who has even picked many of the store’s vintage/design items by himself, kept the building’s original details -such as the grecian columns- intact. Black, white, marble and mirror are dominant in the purely minimalistic space. The designer though, has not just customized the store’s interior. He did that for the playlist as well and he couldn’t have chosen other than Richard Hell and Nirvana for his clients new, downtown fashion excursions.



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