A “Greek Man” in New York

Text: Vasiliki Simeonidi


Fotis Evans is a Greek designer living in the UK. He successfully completed his BA Furniture and Product Design at London Metropolitan University. Evans created unique furniture that now decorate Hermes’ windows in Madison Avenue store in New York. For this project he emphasized on abstract forms borrowed from classical furnishings. The inspiration came from Paris and especially through the eyes of Thomas Jefferson and his ‘Paris Walks’. With his creations Evans tells the history of late 18th-century Paris in five complex structures. To craft his creations he used a variety of different materials, like porcelain and lacquer, and colors, like white, black and verdigris tones. The designer proposes something new, giving a fresh air to the store. As he said (at Wallpaper magazine), “I wanted to create something completely new from scratch”. 


Photos via wallpaper magazine