The Kaleidoscopic Third Eye

“Le Troisième Oeil”, the collection for Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 of Tata Christiane, gives a clairvoyant look in fashion.

Text: Konstantina Livaditi


In Hindu symbolism, clairvoyance is a kind of crystal ball, which gains vision of secret and provides distant images and messages. It can be perceived as a door of intuition and insight and as the ability to sense a truth without the use of mental logic.

This is the base of the collection of Tata Christiane, for Autumn/Winter 2013-2014, which was presented at Paris Fashion Week 2013. A kaleidoscope of psychedelic prints, takes the viewer to an amazing trip, into the sphere of intuition via a visionary third eye.

In contrast to the graphic backgrounds of the lookbook, the fashion duo gives a hypnotic concept, which combines the wacky and the refined, through the whirling motifs and the fancy weaving of the clothes.