MUSIC ID: Youth Lagoon

24-year-old Trevor Powers made the world talking about his nostalgic melodies.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


There is something different and unique about Powers and you can spot it right from the moment you will see him. Be it the way he recalls disks, like from Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys that his dad used to play or his bizarre, kind-of-hippie style, with various tattoos oh his arms, you get straight a picture of his music.



Youth Lagoon is the music project he created back in 2011, when he posted his first song online. The buzz that was created led him to release his debut album The Year of Hibernation the same year, which he composed all alone at his home in Boise, Idaho. The album dealt with psychological dysphoria, explaining the reasons it sounds so familiar once you’ll hear it, reminding a feeling of intimacy.

His second album Wondrous Bughouse is out since March and he describes it as “the struggle between the physical and the spiritual world”. It was also created in his home and the artwork is based on the psychedelic art of the 1970s that Powers searched and specifically artist, Marcia Blaessle. So far two singles have been released, Mute and Dropla, but the whole album is a compilation of psychedelic and chaotic melodies.


“Youth Lagoon is something so personal to me because writing music is how I sort my thoughts, as well as where I transfer my fears”, says Powers, and continues explaining that “…Realizing that human life is only great because it is temporary.  Experimenting with ideas about dimensions.  I’m not a gifted speaker, so explaining things is difficult for me. But music always makes sense”.


Certainly, an artist with personality, Powers constantly explores his inner self in order to create music that will have a meaning. We are just waiting for more to come.


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