Profile In Style: Zoe Noble

Hip, yet eclectic!

Text: Mariannie Samara


This week I decided to present a person that I didn’t know much about until now. I am really glad that I came up to Zoe Noble’s style and work. Zoe Noble is a young photographer that lives in Berlin. Eventually, she decided that she wanted to spend her time there –since Berlin is her favourite city- and that’s why she left London in 2010. She is also the co-founder of the blog Uberlin.

Noble has worked as a digital designer for,, Asos and more. As a photographer, among her clients are famous magazines and retailers, such as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Topshop, The Outnet and

Zoe’s style is minimal but imposing at the same time. She opts for basic items and puts emphasis on androgynous elements. Her hairstyle seems to be inspired from the 60s boyish haircuts. Her refined aesthetic speaks for herself. The way her photographs look, the way her blog is constructed and the way she is dressed, reveal that Zoe must be a person that is always eager to learn more and doesn’t rest until she finds exactly what she looks for.


I couldn’t resist to present you some of her photography work, both editorial and street style


Photos/info via: Zoe,,