Thierry Mugler Follies

Thierry –Manfred- Mugler has taken back the reins of his namesake brand and, boy, he’s sure going to party! 

Text: Maria Meintani

Making a comeback as the creative advisor of his own brand AND preparing a fiesta? Thierry Mugler is about to play Santa for all Parisian people (and tourists as well) by putting up a spectacular show in December. A retrospective of his work, this show will combine joy and eroticism, magic and technology, lights and transformation, aiming to “transport the public into a swirl of emotions” between each number, with alternations between laughter and empathy.The casting is said to be consisted of dancers and acrobats, singers and comedians, models and performers. A hell of a selection, if I may say so! #cant_wait

The aim of this surprising revue is to bring back the scent of cabaret, through an interesting combination of music, dance and prose.But what will the story be about? “A young woman looking for her inner balance, who after some unusual encounters is transformed into a sublime and blooming creature”.

Mugler himself is excited about this dazzling venture, which is going to be a tribute to his artistic work, expressing the freedom and beauty that have always characterized his creations. «The Revue is a sparkling and gifted art, contemporary. It tends homage to the human beauty and all its talents. It must be visual and very sensory, combining a huge content of eroticism to its sophistication», Mugler has stated.

The show is to make its world premiere next December in Paris’s Théâtre Comédia, where guests will have the chance to enjoy the spectacle over dinner or champagne.

Take a look at the official sketches of the show in order to get a brief idea about the costumes:

For more information you might as well check the official website