Meeting Jessica Stein a.k.a Tuula Vintage at Marianna G. Fashion Show

Jessica Stein, a.k.a. Tuula, shared with us her summer obsessions. We also talked about her adventures on Greek islands, but that will remain a secret.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou, Mary Giatra


Jessica Stein, a.k.a. Tuula, shared with us her summer obsessions.We also talked about her adventures on Greek islands, but that will remain a secret.


FW: How are you?

JS: I’m very well! Thank you. How are you?

FW: We’re fine! To start with, as you know this is a summer collection, so we would like to know which is your favorite fashion destination for the summer, since you travel a lot and love trips?

JS: It is actually Greece. I am going to Zakinthos tomorrow and it has been on my bucket list for my entire life! I am so excited to go there, wearing Marianna’s swimwear, I can’t wait! Tomorrow, will be my ideal summer situation. I have been fortunate enough to go to Santorini, Ios and Naxos before. So, I questioned myself where to go and Zakinthos seemed the perfect place, after I have watched a documentary, maybe 10 years ago.

FW: Great! So actually, you have been in Greece many times before. Is there a specific garment that reminds you a lot of this country? That inspires you to wear it here?

JS: Everything that is white! I really enjoy Greek people, who wear white. And it just feels right to wear white every time I am here. All the buildings and architecture is beautifully white, especially on islands.

FW: In a way, it just comes naturally.

JS: Yeah, you want kind to fit in.

FW: From your blog posts we have seen that you have an endless wardrobe. If you have to go on vacation and pack the top 5 things, what would they be?

JS: A bikini, oil for my skin -because my skin gets really dry when I am travelling- hm… everything! I can’t choose.

FW: Maybe a hat?

JS: Actually, I don’t have a hat! I saw some before and said: “I really need to get a hat!”. Sunglasses, certainly. And something from home, even if it is a magazine, a book or something like that.

FW: Do you combine your outfits in order to travel or just pack things?

JS: No, I don’t plan anything! I pack and it is like a mix‘n’match of everything. I got dressed like this (wearing a black tight blouse with long sleeves and a white skirt with peplum hem) just 5 minutes before I left. I really packed my summer essentials like a playsuit  and I am like “I can’t wear them to an event!”. Sometimes you have to stretch with what you have.

FW: Like being spontaneous?  

JS: Yes, because I live out my luggage bag and many times I forced to come up with something new.

FW: So finally, summer or winter?

JS: Oh my god! Summer! I chase the sun around the world. I like winter clothing for just one week and then it is all about summer.

FW: It’s winter now in Australia, right?

JS: Yes, but it is more a Californian-kind of winter. I like the ocean in between seasons, when you can wear layers, for example combine a skirt with a knit. And I usually love wearing boots with everything!

FW: Thank you very much and have fun!


Chiara Ferragni, Jessica Stein 

Chiara Ferragni, Jessica Stein

The Workshopaholics Yiota Dendrinou and Mary Giatra talking with Jessica Stein




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