Meeting Chiara Ferragni at Marianna G. Fashion Show

Our favorite “Blonde Salad”, Chiara Ferragni talked to us about her secret future plans and how her life in LA, NY and Milan goes on. 

Text: Yiota Dendrinou, Mary Giatra


Swimsuits with ancient greek references and luxurious golden details, along with glamorous resortwear that completed the collection were the proposal of Marianna G. for this summer. During the backstage “fever” we had the chance to converse with some of the guests that were no other than the famous fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni ( and Jessica Stein (, as well as the fashion director of worldwide magazine NAKEDBUTSAFE, Manos Samartzis. Destinations, summer, clothes and future plans were some of the things that were discussed in the time we got the chance to meet them.

Our favorite “Blonde Salad”, Chiara Ferragni talked about her secret future plans and how her life in LA, NY and Milan goes on.

FW: So let’s start! Today you are attending Marianna G.’s summer collection, here in Athens. Which is your favorite fashion destination, overall, for the summer?

CF: Greece. I have visited a lot of Greek islands before, with my parents and last year I went to Mykonos for a Louis Vuitton’s project, where it was amazing. It was in June, so it wasn’t crowded at all. One of the best places I have ever seen! So romantic. Athens is very nice as well. Today, after the show I am going to shoot some photos around the city.

FW: And apart from Greece, another trip you really enjoy?

CF: I love the United States a lot. Now, I am working a lot in Europe, but also I am working much in Los Angeles and New York. I am thinking about getting a place in LA.

FW: That’s amazing!

CF: So, one month in Milan and traveling in Europe, one month in LA and traveling in the US. That would be my dream. Let’s hope for it.

FW: From your visits in Greece, is there a piece of clothing that reminds you a lot of this place?

CF: I think all the white lace dresses, because if I think about Greece, I think of white immediately, from all the Greek Islands. This one I got it in Mykonos (shows her pendant, consisting of a small silver hand with a stone on it) and I am always wearing it. This kind of jewelry reminds me also of Greece.

FW: You are a woman with lots of interests for example, you study law.

CF: Yeah, I am finishing it!

FW: How do you combine these two interests? Do you believe that laws exist in fashion?

CF: No, there aren’t any laws in fashion. I think you should wear what you want, whatever makes you feel good. Of course, there are trends, but you must follow them only if you feel that they can match your personality. Otherwise, it will look fake. I am trying to work and travel between the exam sessions, but I am waiting until I graduate so I can really focus on my work!

FW: Besides that, Chiara, you have started as a simple fashion blogger, but you have come so far, with so many projects and collaborations in your curriculum. What are your future plans?

CF: There are so many things going on at the moment! My team in the blog is growing so much. I am the only one who writes at the blog, but I have 5 people working with me, who manage all the collaborations and organize everything. I could never do all this stuff without them! They are amazing and help me a lot. As for the future plans, I am going to do a capsule collection for Superga, it is kind of a secret but I can share it. Then I am preparing a big collection for the American market that will come out in September and then again in November and this is why I am working a lot in LA and NY.

FW: We can’t wait! Thank you so much and good luck! Hope you are enjoying yourself.

CF: Thank you so much guys! You are an amazing team.


Chiara Ferragni and Jessica Stein 

Chiara Ferragni and Manos Samartzis 

Marianna Goulandris, Jessica Stein, Chiara Ferragni, Stella Samartzi, Vicky Kaya, Gala Gonzalez and Manos Samartzis

The Workshopaholics Yiota Dendrinou and Mary Giatra talking with Chiara Ferragni 


Instagram photos are courtesy of Chiara Ferragni