Meeting Manos Samartzis at Marianna G. Fashion Show

Fashion Workshop was present at Marianna G.’s show, thrown at Tatoi club. Here is what Manos Samartzis the “fashion boss” of NAKEDBUTSAFE shared with us.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou, Mary Giatra


Swimsuits with ancient greek references and luxurious golden details, along with glamorous resortwear that completed the collection were the proposal of Marianna G. for this summer. During the backstage “fever” we had the chance to converse with some of the guests that were no other than the famous fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni ( and Jessica Stein (, as well as the fashion director of worldwide magazine NAKEDBUTSAFE, Manos Samartzis. Destinations, summer, clothes and future plans were some of the things that were discussed in the time we got the chance to meet them.


Here is what Manos Samartzis the “fashion boss” of NAKEDBUTSAFE shared with us.


FW: Summer mood, swimsuits, warm weather… what is your favorite fashion destination, a place you have been or somewhere you wish to travel in the future?

MS: Mmm… Destinations.Bora BoraIsland!

FW: Have you ever been there?

MS: No I haven’t. It is a place I have not visited yet, even though travelling around the world. But,Bora Borawas my first dreamy destination, so I am leaving it for the end.

FW: So, fashion is global and you and your work as a stylist are well-known abroad. What do you think is the one thing that differs you and makes you stand out in the fashion crowd?

MS: The fact of being yourself. If you are really yourself, you do what you feel and you show it to the others, this is the easiest ride in order to accomplish what you want.

FW: NAKEDBUTSAFE. Two years. Great success. Which is the philosophy behind the magazine?

MS: Through NBS, I am trying to make people think that something different in fashion exists, something you can give in your own way, through your own ideas and philosophy.

FW: Of course, it is sold in many countries worldwide.

MS: Yes, in 66 countries.

FW: Which do you think is the place for an independent magazine among the mass media?

MS: That you are independent and you can do what you want, what you love. With love you can conquer the world and world has been conquered by love, so this is the feedback that someone expects.

FW: In the future what do you aim for NBS? What do you wish to accomplish with your magazine?

MS: To reach, through it, every house and offer something different, something that other magazines couldn’t give until now.

FW: Thank you vey much! Good luck.

Manos Samartzis with Marianna Goulandris, Chiara Ferragni and Jessica Stein

 Manos Samartzis, Vicky Kaya and Stella Samartzi 

Manos Samartzis with Chiara Ferragni and Jessica Stein 

Vicky Kaya and Manos Samartzis 

Manos Samartzis getting interviewed by Mary Giatra and Yiota Dendrinou of the Fashion Workshop


the Instagram photos are courtesy of Manos Samartzis