Smart style: One dress – three looks!

Creativity always finds its way!

Text: Vicky Kaya
Photos: Spyros Ksylas


Despite the ongoing social-economic turmoil, there are still creative ways to refresh your style! For example, pick a basic key-piece of your wardrobe and try styling it differently by adding several accessories!

I decided to pick my Parthenis blue dress, a favorite classic, and create 3 looks!
One morning look, one afternoon look and one evening look, all with the same dress!

For the morning look I decided to pair the dress with some Converse, a pair of Vintage Report sunglasses and a black Celine tote bag. Casual chic it is!

Vintage Report, Bottega Veneta

For the afternoon look, I chose a pair of Zeus+Dion sandals and boost the outfit with a bright red Chanel bag! Casual with a twist, suitable for an afternoon walk or a casual summer meeting!

Converse All Star, Bottega Veneta, Zeus + Dione


Now, for the evening look, I paired the dress with some bold vintage jewelry that belonged to my Grandmother, and wore my Bottega Veneta raffia wedges.

Vintage jewelry and clutches



Wearing a Parthenis dress, Celine leather tote bag, All Star and Vintage Report sunglasses



The same Parthenis dress worn in a different way, wrapped around my waist, with Zeus+Dione leather sandals, red leather Chanel bag, Bottega Veneta sunglasses, IWC watch and Diamond Club Danelian gold bangles.



For the evening I paired the dress with my Bottega Veneta platforms, vintage jewelry and clutch bag and I’m set to go!


See? 3 totally different looks, 3 occasions, 3 times of the day… just with one dress! Think smart and creatively and look for all those little details that will make the difference! It’s not that hard after all, is it?

Till next week